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作者: WrgdexN4    時間: 2019-6-11 22:22     標題: Wholesale Basketball Jerseys

"We feel Babe Ruth Jersey like Andrew Benintendi Jersey we Hydro Flask Barn can match up with them," Chargers safety Eric Weddle said. "On paper, a lot Supply Football Jerseys Factory of people don't think we're very good, but in our minds we've played them well in the past. We've had some battles. There's been some low-scoring games. They're not going to put up 45 on us like they've done against thousands of other teams."
Behind Rivers' TD throws of 19 and 10 yards to Allen, and Nick Novak's 38-yard field goal, the Chargers took a 17-10 lead into Andre Burakovsky Jersey the locker room.

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