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作者: yueyrt14en    時間: 2017-11-3 22:05     標題: Cheap Jerseys USA at around 2a.m.

Karen Persaud, a female nurse, attached to the Suddie Public Hospital,Wholesale Jerseys China, who was robbed over the weekend and subsequently chopped on her left index finger,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, sustaining a wound to her left hand, has since professed to positively identifying her attacker.Persaud said that on Saturday,Wholesale China Jerseys, last, at around 2a.m., she was making her way to the Adventure Stelling to board the M.V. Malali, en route to Georgetown to attend a funeral.According to Ms. Persaud,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, she did notice someone suddenly appearing behind her, but she never thought for a second that the man would have subsequently attacked and robbed her. The nurse said that her attacker first reached for her purse and during the scuffle he pulled out a cutlass and chopped her on the left index finger,Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping, a wound that caused her to seek medical attention at the hospital.She is now calling on the law enforcement operatives on the Coast to place some form of security, especially at the vicinity of the Adventure Stelling. Several other incidents are also committed on the road which is considered to be lonely.Truck owners have been complaining about losing items, including fuel and spare parts from their vehicles when they park to await the ferry at the Adventure Stelling Road.

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