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Evan Engram Jersey identified as Lawrence Semple

Venezuela-based businessman’s murder…Police have captured the Mabaruma resident suspected of strangling and robbing Venezuela-based Guyanese  Jose Ramong Valenzuela following a drinking spree last week Saturday.Kaieteur News confirmed that the suspect, identified as Lawrence Semple, was arrested at around 05:00 hrs yesterday by ranks who were searching the community after receiving information that Semple was hiding out there.One source said that the suspect was staying in a small house located on land owned by his former in-laws.Valenzuela’s body was found last week Saturday on a playfield at Mabaruma Settlement. A post mortem revealed that he was struck on the head and manually strangled.Residents have alleged that he was last seen in the suspect’s company. Police had questioned Semple after the body was found but had not detained him, since they had assumed at the time that Valenzuela had died of natural causes, following a bout of heavy drinking.According to reports out of Mabaruma,[url=http://www.nflauthentic.us.com/Miami-Dolphins_Adam-Joseph-Duhe-Jersey/]Adam Joseph Duhe Dolphins Jersey[/url], Valenzuela,[url=http://www.chinajerseysnflwholesale.us.com/]Wholesale Cheap Jerseys[/url], who came to Guyana some three weeks ago, was drinking with the suspect and others at Kumaka two Saturdays ago. The victim, accompanied by the suspect, then went to Mabaruma Settlement.A resident, who knew Valenzuela, said that the two men turned up at his home on the same night. The resident recalled that Valenzuela was intoxicated,[url=http://www.soccerworld.us.com/chile/]Chile Soccer Jersey[/url], while Semple appeared to be sober.After seeing the intoxicated Valenzuela with the individual, the friend said he became concerned about the businessman’s safety and tried to persuade him to stay for the night.However, he said that the suspect persuaded Valenzuela not to stay, and the two men then left together.The following day,[url=http://www.cheapestnfljerseys.us.com/]Jerseys NFL Wholesale[/url], a passerby spotted Valenzuela’s body on the Mabaruma Settlement playfield.  His wallet was missing, but some of the victim’s documents were strewn near the body.According to the resident, the suspect initially denied knowing the victim, until another resident pointed out that he and the victim were drinking together.He reportedly then went into hiding,[url=http://www.cheapjerseysnflelite.us.com/]cheap nfl jerseys[/url], but residents were adamant that he was still in the area.The victim’s body was taken back to Venezuela on Thursday.

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