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Soccer Jerseys From China could never be passed off as a trivial aberrations

–    Accuses media,[url=http://www.cheapnfljerseysauthentics.us.com/]Wholesale NFL Jerseys[/url], public of using it for attacksAs the second report of the media monitoring unit (MMU) is released, the body has accused persons of taking its first report “out of context” and using it as a means of attacking competitors.In the general observations at the end of the second report, Manager of the MMU Laverne Pinto opined that comments and general observations made in the initial report “rubbed some media houses the wrong way”. She said that in the estimation of others,[url=http://www.wholesalejerseysenjoy.us.com/]Wholesale NFL Jerseys Online[/url], the violations cited by the MMU were being viewed as trivial.However, she maintained that the infractions were far from trivial.“The publishing of information that is deliberately inaccurate, unsubstantiated, racially inciting/divisive,[url=http://www.wholesalejerseysace.cc/]Cheap Jerseys Supply[/url], and/or inflammatory, could never be passed off as a trivial aberrations,” Pinto said.She went on to emphasise that the unit monitors media content in keeping with its mandate and not personalities.“There isn’t a scintilla of interest on our part in relation to what politicians say or do on the hustings,” Pinto wrote. She continued, “Our concern and responsibility kicks-in when what is said or done on the campaign trail is disseminated through the media. Here is where we look to see whether media houses stay within the reporting and editorial guidelines, that they themselves pledged to uphold during this elections period.”According to Pinto,[url=http://www.cheapjerseysnear.us.com/]cheap nfl jerseys[/url], the unit observed that its first report was used as ammunition by sections of the print and broadcast media, “to launch salvos against their competitors”. Furthermore, she said, members of the public used the report to launch attacks against politicians.“We wish to let it be known that it was never in the collective thoughts of members of staff of the Unit, that the Report would have been used the way it was to score political points, or to embarrass those seeking political office,” Pinto added.She continued, “We sincerely hope that from henceforth our reports are seen and taken as they are meant to,[url=http://www.wholesalejerseysnflchinacheap.us.com/]Wholesale Jerseys China[/url], and that is, as periodic assessments of the performance of the media for conformity to the professional and ethical standards set forth in the MCC (Media Code of Conduct), in their coverage of elections-related issues.”The MMU was set up in late February to keep the media under surveillance in the lead up to the May 11 General and Regional Elections. The report is meant to highlight areas in the media’s dissemination of information that needed to be rectified during this elections period.In its first report, the MMU urged reporters not to allow politics to trump their professionalism. The unit also roasted the Guyana Chronicle and the Guyana Times for a number of inflammatory articles and editorials published in the newspapers.Furthermore, Former President Bharrat Jagdeo was called out for public comments he made which the MMU deemed racially divisive. Coming out of the MMU’s report was a criminal charge against Jagdeo for the statements he reportedly made.Since the MMU’s initial report, the unit has come under fire, particularly from the People’s Progressive Party (PPP). Following the first report, the PPP accused the MMU of bias and said that the position adopted by the MMU was unfair and a gross misinterpretation of what was actually said.Up to Wednesday, Jagdeo had indicated during a press conference that he “had no confidence in the MMU”.

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