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Birthday celebrations are always special but for triplets George, Elizabeth, and Mary Ellis, the event is thrice as much.The siblings are celebrating another milestone today.  The trio, who hail from the Cinderella County, Essequibo was born on June 8, 1950.  They are the oldest known living triplets in Guyana.Elisabeth Ellis related that she and her siblings got off to a bit of a rough start but they learned to lean on each other through life’s experiences.“We were born at the Suddie Hospital in Essequibo but our mother died thirteen days after we were born.  Our aunt took us in and we grew up together. Our aunt nurtured us until we were old enough. It was not easy but we made it through and we are thankful.” she said.As in the cases of most multiple births, the siblings also seem to have a psychic bond.“If one of us sick or the other has a problem, we can sense it.  I would get the symptoms if my sister is sick and vice versa,” Elisabeth said.(From left to right) Guyana’s oldest living triplets, Elizabeth, George and Mary EllisThe triplets also share a passion for music and dancing.Elisabeth and her sister, Mary, visited this newspaper’s Saffon Street Head office,[url=http://www.soccercheapjerseyschina.us.com/]Cheap Soccer Jerseys Authentic[/url], on Saturday. They said that their brother had declined an offer to speak with reporters since he’s is a bit of an introvert.The sisters reflected on fond memories of their childhood growing up in Queenstown, Essequibo.“We had our aunt and her granddaughter Veronica, who would take us to school and ensure we were alright and as triplets we always had each others’ company. We play and fight like all children do but George as the only boy between us was kind of miserable,[url=http://www.cheapjerseysdiscount.cc/]Nike NFL Jerseys China[/url], but in a good way, and he was always helpful.”The women said that while growing up in Essequibo countryside was good for them, they all moved to the city after they got married.Mary married a fireman and had one child, who died several years ago. Her sister, however, has five children; 21 grandchildren and three great grandchildren. Their brother, George,[url=http://www.cheapairmax2018shoes.us.com/]Air Max 2018 Shoes[/url], has nine children and quite a few grandchildren of his own.The women both worked to support their families.  Mary said that she served in the National Service before working as a barmaid, while Elisabeth was employed as a caretaker for a number of years.Their brother worked at a timber company for many years before he retired.  He currently rears livestock at his home in Mocha Arcadia,[url=http://www.cheapnfljerseysfreeshipping.us.com/]China Jerseys Cheap[/url], East Bank Demerara.Mary currently resides at Charlotte Street, Georgetown while her sister has her residence at Diamond on the East Bank of Demerara.Ruth, Rosalind and Rebecca Noel at their 30th birthdayThe sisters said that despite the distance between them, they would find time to visit each other regularly. In the past, Elisabeth said that they would host parties but as they matured in age, the siblings said that just knowing that the other “is alive and well will do.”For today’s celebration, they will partake in a family gathering at their brother’s residence. The siblings are looking forward to sharing many more birthdays together.But the Ellis triplets are not alone.Triplets Ruth, Rosalind and Rebecca Noel are celebrating their 47th birth anniversary today. They were born on the June, 8, 1968 at the Dr Ramlall’s Hospital in King Street, New Amsterdam now the Church View International Hotel.Their parents Dennis and Joyce Noel (deceased) tried their best to raise the family (which included twin boys) to adhere to discipline and a  Christian lifestyle,[url=http://www.wholesalejerseysgroup.us/]Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping[/url],  particularly since their father was a pastor.They all attended the St Theresa’s Primary school and the Berbice High School.Rebecca now resides in the Turks and Caicos; Rosalind lives in Guyana and is a member of the Guyana Police Force and Ruth resides in North America.The triplets stay in touch even though Rebecca and Rosalind haven’t seen Ruth in over 20 years. However they are planning a big reunion soon.“We could like to thank the lord for bringing us thus far and may he grant us with health and strength to see many years to come”, said Rosalind.

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